Recent research has demonstrated that musical experience can have a positive impact on the overall health throughout one’s lifespan. This research has influenced the publication of the All Party Parliamentary Group publication of the Arts and Wellbeing strategy in 2017. Music promotes a sense of belonging, can regulate emotions and engage the brain, increasing social, mental and even physical resilience that can increase the likelihood of living healthy lives. The Music for Healthy Lives Research and Practice Network is committed to providing further evidence to support the existing knowledge in this area, to promote and connect music practitioners to healthcare providers; and to increase cooperation and collaboration between the members of the network.

Our objectives are:

  • To connect music and health practitioners to share knowledge and practice
  • To unify strengths to amplify the impact of our collective research and practice
  • To develop music and wellbeing provision and match this to the health needs of the population
  • To identify shared goals and challenges
  • To develop meaningful research questions grounded in practice
  • To provide opportunities for Continuing Professional Development